Automotive Branded Videos Among the Most-Viewed, According to Study

A study released earlier this month by Visible Measures shows that worldwide views of branded video, which the analysis defined as “all video produced by a brand and distributed online,” more than doubled in Q4 2013, from 1.78 billion to 2.71 billion.

This is excellent news for those of us that work in the branded entertainment space, especially in the electronics and automotive category, as the study ranks these industries highest in terms of the number of branded videos viewed during Q4 2013.

Looking back on our own work in 2013 and the work of our competitors, we’re reminded that the best branded content is compelling and that much like people, brands should have personalities. Branded content is an extension of a brand and an important piece of any marketing strategy in order for brands to connect with current and potential customers and build brand recognition and affinity.

Click HERE to read eMarketer‘s article about the Visible Measures study now.

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