The Rising Cost of Super Bowl Ads

Last year, our very own Rob Donnell appeared on ABC 7 to discuss the rising cost of Super Bowl advertising and how advertisers go about making the expensive ads worth it. Click HERE to watch his segment now.

Image source: @BloombergTV -

Image source: @BloombergTV –

According to  Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance,” the rate of increase for Super Bowl ads over the last decade is up 70 percent. That means the average cost for 30-seconds exceeded $1M in 1995, reached 2M in 2000 and is being estimated at $4M this year! Click HERE for their full report.

A sampling of some of this year's ads.

A sampling of some of this year’s ads.

And just like last year, advertisers have been busy releasing sneak peeks, teasers and even full versions of their Super Bowl commercials online in an effort to generate extra buzz and drive value for the pricey spots. So far, it looks like Doritos and Budweiser are leading the pack in terms of views and engagement before the big game.

What’s your favorite ad that you’ve seen so far? What are you looking forward to seeing on game day? Let us know in the comment section below.


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