Brand Arc’s Rob Donnell Talks Dodge’s Ron Burgundy Ad Campaign for Durango With Bloomberg TV

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Our very own Rob Donnell rose early this morning to talk with Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers” about the risks and potential for big pay-offs with brand marketing campaigns that involve movie tie-ins. Click HERE to watch Rob’s interview.

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Odds are you’ve seen at least one of the 70 comedy-driven ads that Rob talked about on the show. Chrysler released the series last month, starring Will Ferrell as his Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy, to promote the new Dodge Durango. If you haven’t seen them, you can watch one of our favorite spots below, which already has 1,635,375 views on Dodge’s official YouTube page.

According to TIME Magazine, Chrysler’s sales are up 11 percent since the Will Ferrell ad campaign began, with Durango sales up 59 percent. Not surprisingly, the ads already have over seven million combined hits on YouTube, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.  What’s even more interesting, is that Chrysler didn’t pay Ferrell a dime to do the ads, since the jointly created spots by Wieden+Kennedy and Ferrell’s team, also promote his new movie, Anchorman 2, out Dec. 20, according to Automotive News.

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Rob also told Bloomberg TV that while he sees a lot of value in online content marketing campaigns like this one, he does urge marketers looking to cash in on similar opportunities to remember that while Chrysler may not have paid Ferrell to star in the spots, they’re still footing the airtime bill to broadcast them on TV.


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