Relevancy Remains Integral to Successful Branded Content in 2013

As we forge ahead into the New Year, one thing remains integral to the success of branded entertainment: Relevancy.

For branded content creators, this means engaging audiences with a brand’s product via content that viewers are actively seeking out. And while that may sound simple, creating relevant content that will resonate with your audience isn’t an easy task. In a great article by Fast Company, brands are reminded that people are constantly finding new ways to tune out their messages, thus making it all the more necessary to engage with audiences in a relevant way that actually encourages them to engage back. Click HERE to read the entire article now.

“YouTube Rewind Style,” is a great example of relevant branded content. The video parodies the two biggest YouTube music videos of 2012, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe,” and creatively highlights some of the year’s biggest trends. You can watch the video below:

While disguised as cute music video featuring various YouTube sensations, “YouTube Rewind Style” is really promoting all of their exclusive channels within content that they know people will actively seek out.  According to a recent article by iMedia Connection, “The effort is designed to make YouTube an entertainment destination with the goal of bringing more brand dollars to the site.” Knowing your audience and giving them the content and stories they want, it seems, should be your number one goal.

Beyond YouTube, iMedia Connection lists Turkish Airlines, Rovio, Samsung, Nike, and Red Bull, as the leaders of the branded video pack at the close of 2012.

As we move closer to the Super Bowl, have you noticed any good examples of relevant branded content? Let us know in the comment section below


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