The Art of the Integration Series – Part III: The Webisode

For the third installment of our “Art of the Integration” series, we’re shining the spotlight on our digital branded integrations. Much like the custom vignettes we discussed in Part II of this series–which often function as a companion piece to in-show integrations– the type of digital integration we’re discussing today, also acts as an online marketing extension of our televised in-show integrations.

A recent favorite at our agency, and an excellent depiction of this kind of integration partnership, are the digital integrations we did on behalf of Toyota in the “Grand Designs” webisodes of the SyFy Channel series “Warehouse 13″. These integrations involved weaving the Toyota Prius c into the storyline of a web series based on characters from the televised on-air version of the show.

Produced in part as an animated short, “Grand Designs” features the Prius c both before and after the characters are sucked into a 2-dimensional diorama world. “Grand Designs” was also split up into ten cliff-hanger style chapters, with the car becoming more and more integral to the story as it guides the characters to safety through the warehouse maze using it’s navigation system.

Additionally, since “Grand Designs” could only be viewed on the Warehouse 13″ website, web drivers like the one below aired during episodes of “Warehouse 13” on the SyFy Channel in order to promote viewership of the special online series.

This is a good example of how a clever marketing extension, which in this case is a series of brand integrated webisodes, can enhance in-show integrations and vice versa, which makes the over-all campaign even more successful.


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