What Your Brand Can Learn From Dove’s ‘Ad Makeover’

Ogilvy U.K. is the agency behind Dove’s recent ad campaign entitled “The Ad Makeover”, which used a Facebook app to allow Dove’s Australian Facebook users to displace existing advertising on their pages with positive Dove ads.

Essentially, the app allowed users to create their own uplifting ads, for which Dove purchase ad space, thus leaving less room for other less encouraging messages. According to Ad Age, “the app doesn’t actually replace ads, as suggested in the video, and users can’t select which women will see the ad. The targeting works the way any other ad would.” Dove pulled the Facebook app a mere three days after its launch, calling the campaign a trial for a larger impending initiative, according to B&T.

So what can be learned from Dove’s experiment? For one, this campaign is an excellent example of audience targeting. With over 690,000 women across Australia seeing positive Dove ads on their Facebook pages through the app. The campaign also raises some interesting questions about what would happen if more brands found ways to put their own media buy into the hands of their consumers. Furthermore, beyond creating their own Facebook apps, how can brands get more creative when leveraging the power of digital technologies?

One thing is for sure, as digital properties continue to pop up and gain popularity, brands shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. The Dove campaign is a great example of targeting a segment of your audience in order to test a larger campaign. In the coming months, emerging social sites like Pinterest, Tumblr., and Instagram, are sure to be the testing ground for similar online ad campaigns.


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