How Do You Measure Your Branded Entertainment?

After reading a recent article about the future of branded entertainment, we began to think about the tools currently available to measure the effectiveness of this unique type of marketing.

According to the Product Placement News article, “most companies refuse to go for branded entertainment projects because they lack accurate measurement tools.”

So we want to know… how does your brand measure success in your branded entertainment ventures?  Let us know in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Your Branded Entertainment?

  1. Ogilvy just presented its measurement tool BEAM in Cannes which actually is more an overall strategic approach to BE than an actual tool but I believe its the only ritght way to do it and more than time to put it down on paper. I also think measurement should never rely on plain tools. Proper evaluation always needs the brains of smart marketers no matter what is measured.

    • We agree, Tobias – Ogilvy’s tool is really an approach: strategy, planning and measurement – including a customized score card. The model will evolve as the space continues to thrive.

      It is a great step forward and reflects how critical the Branded Entertainment pillar is for brand architects and all “smart” marketers building successful brands consumers want to connect with.

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