Why Brands Should Get on Board with Instagram

How did an app with no revenue sell to Facebook for $1 billion? We’re not entirely sure… but now that Facebook owns one of the most popular photo sharing apps on the planet (now available on both iPhone and Android), brands should get on board to take advantage of opportunities that are likely to come.

Much like Pinterest, Instagram is a relatively new and wildly popular. To take advantage of all those new eyeballs, brands should be creating clever profiles that visually represent their brand. It’s speculated that brands might soon be able to create their own filters, allow people to tag them in photos, and much more. This is in addition to features already available to users, which include profiles, the ability to “like” photos, and initiating the use of brand hashtags (see #TOYOTA example below):

Worried about managing yet another social channel? Don’t be! Vitrue, the Facebook management tool, already offers Instagram management, and as Facebook further integrates Instagram into its platform, easy-to-use management tools are sure to follow. So if your brand creates photos, or has a Facebook profile but isn’t on Instagram yet, the time is now.


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