Do You Like the New Google+?

Starting today, your Google+ profile will now include bigger photos, a cover photo option, and a chat list that makes your friends much easier to access on the site.

Beyond this, instead of the static icons that used to live at the top of your page, there’s now a strip of apps that will appear on the left hand side of your page. These apps can be dragged up or down to create a customized order. Additionally, when a user hovers over an app, a set of quick actions will be revealed. Users can also show or hide apps by moving them out of the strip. Lastly, there’s a new dedicated Hangouts page, so people can quickly create their own hangout with friends or access public and On Air video chat hangouts.

So basically, your Google+ profile now looks a whole lot more like your Facebook Timeline… whether or not this a good thing remains to be seen. Tell us what you think of Google’s re-design in the comment section below.

Click HERE, to read Mashable’s article documenting all of the Google+ updates.


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