Enhanced Brand Pages Rollout on Twitter—Facebook to Launch Timeline for Brands

Back in December, Twitter announced the launch of its version of Facebook’s brand pages. These new and improved brand profiles allow more control to customize and highlight content in addition to new marketing opportunities. Brands like Nike and Disney took advantage of the offer that required a commitment to spend at least $25,000 on Twitter ads. Other brands included in the select group of 21 were HP, Intel, Coca Cola, Dell, JetBlue, and Paramount Pictures.

Over the last few days, Twitter began a larger roll-out of enhanced brand pages for NBC News, National Public Radio, Volkswagen, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, and Anobi. More advertising partners, as well as other select partners, charities, media organizations, and individuals are reported to be granted enhanced brand pages over the coming weeks and months.

Meanwhile, Facebook is rumored to be making its new Timeline format available for brands later this month. According to Ad Age, Facebook plans to use its Feb. 29 conference for marketers in New York to announce the initiative. Facebook will begin by offering Timeline to a “handful of brands,” according to Ad Age. Once Timeline becomes more widely available, brands will have new options to tell the story of their corporate history and connect with fans beyond the “like” and commenting features currently available to them.


2 thoughts on “Enhanced Brand Pages Rollout on Twitter—Facebook to Launch Timeline for Brands

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