Do Branded Valentine’s Day Social Campaigns Have You Feeling the Love?

As soon as February hit, brands began unleashing social campaigns and apps aimed at helping you spread the love this Valentine’s Day. Many of the campaigns target mobile devices, like this app made by the girlfriend of the founder of Instagram…

… Rumor has it she learned to code to make the Lovestagram app as a V-Day surprise for him (Awww!).

Starbucks also released an augmented reality app for Valentine’s Day, which allows you to send and receive 3-D virtual messages by scanning a limited edition heart coffee cup…

Other brands aim to interact with their audience using Facebook and You Tube. For example, Walgreens is offering to help you play cupid and match up your friends if you ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook:

And this Facebook app created by Heinekin generates serenades for fans that let’s them act as a secret admirer to ask their “heart’s desire” on a date:

There’s even a Twitter based campaign by Kraft, where sending tweets featuring the “#voiceoflove” hashtag over the last few days made you eligible for a reading by Ted Williams! The winners tweets are being read and posted to Kraft Mac and Cheese’s You Tube page today.

Did you send a virtual Valentine to your sweetheart today? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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