Integration Innovator: Unilever Announces Landmark Deal with Fox’s ‘Touch’

In what’s being called “the business of the future,” Unilever and News Crop. are set to launch a new Fox drama starring Kiefer Sutherland in more than 100 countries simultaneously around the globe. Advertising for Sure deodorant in the U.K., Degree in the U.S. and Rexona everywhere else will make up the bulk of the brand integrations.

According to Ad Age, “The concept, which took more than a year to organize, illustrates the pressures big media companies face as digital technology and social media make it easier for consumers worldwide to follow TV programs. It also shows advertisers’ demand to court them. ‘People feel so connected now, and they can, via the internet, know exactly what’s happening in the U.S.,’ said Marion Edwards, president-international television, Twentieth Century Fox Film Distribution. ‘They can access episodes immediately after they air here. They can follow on Twitter. It’s all part of this huge informational universe where everyone feels very up to the moment.”

Exclusive online content from “Touch” will also be presented by Unilever products. Several Facebook pages will also be created for the show—each one aimed at different international audiences—a marketing trend that seems to be the norm for branded pages as of late.

The Ad Age article also mentions that “automotive marketers, who typically launch vehicles around the world over a course of a few months, could also be potential customers.” With that said, we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on this massive campaign over the next few months! To read the entire article, click HERE.


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